Help your students, staff
and parents by employing the newest and best ideas in
web content management.
What Clients Have to Say
"Techno Commando empowers all staff members of an organization with the ability to post content at a moment's notice. Gone are the days of forwarding content to a few staff members to post. All of my teachers post their daily homework assignments on their staff pages, as well as resourceful links, photographs, and videos. Our school's website is more current than it has ever been, and our school community has expressed great satisfaction since our implementation of the Techno Commando. Anybody with email skills can post content in minutes, and the web management system is intuitive, well-thought out, and effortless."
Premium Websites for Schools

Techno Commando® was created specifically to provide schools with an easy-to-use, professionally designed, cloud-based website that offers the ability for "real time" updates without the need of your IT department.

Painlessly communicate broadly and consistently with all your key players: teachers, parents, students, and the community at large – with a simple and efficient way to interact, market and brand your school.

Quickly post your school's successes, news, announcements and more. 

Win the football game? 
Have band try-outs?
Glee club hosting a car wash? 

Anyone on your staff with a password can effortlessly add, change and delete information and photos for real-time updates.

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